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 Trevor Jaffe has been a competitive strength athlete for over 18 years. He has received first place finishes in strongman, weightlifting, and places his primary focus on powerlifting. With top lifts of a 683lb squat and an 815lb deadlift, he has totaled International Elite in three weight classes (181, 198 and 220). Trevor currently has coached over 27 all-time world records with 8 separate athletes - Dallas Norris, Jenn Rotsinger, Ashley Garcia, Phil Herndon, Jordan Wong, Stacy “Bama”Burr, Danny Misencik and as an ATWR holder himself. At the time, Stacy had set the highest ever Wilks score for powerlifting across both male and female athletes, as well as federation, world, national, and state records. Trevor currently holds the masters ATWR total for 181 and deadlift, the 198 and 220 class ATWR deadlift as well. Affectionately known as "the deadlift whisperer" for his ability to improve this specific lift, Trevor is also known for his ability to improve a lifter’s mechanics and technique leading to larger totals in a short time frame and significantly prolonging an athletes competitive career. Trevor is also the host of “Conversations with Coaches” a weekly interview series with coaches across various strength fields.

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