Tom Sheppard

Specialization Training for Advanced High Performing Populations

Specialization Training for Advanced High Performing Populations

Specialization training: the issue high-level athletes encounter is that the training stimulus required to improve all facets of their performance at once exceedes the workload that they can recover from. 

Specialization training allows us to navigate this issue and keep these athletes improving despite their high requirements 


Tom Sheppard is a UK based strength coach with a speciality in Powerlifting. Before his focus shifted to coaching during his own lifting career he became British champion on 5 occasions in 3 different weight classes and held multiple European and World Records as a Junior competitor.

He works with competitors and high level athletes from various disciplines to improve their performance as well as coaching a large UK based powerlifting team which boasts numerous British, European and World champions. The most notable of which being his wife, Naomi, who is an all-time world record holder, multiple world champion and lb for lb the strongest powerlifter in Europe.

As a coach he works with companies such as EliteFTS, Thibarmy and T-Nation to provide informative content on all things related to lifting as well as running seminars and workshops in the US and Europe which cater to athletes and coaches of all varieties.

Tom has also worked with charities such as Mind to help raise awareness of mental health issues specifically related to depression, eating disorders and body dysmorphia which are commonly encountered in the fitness industry


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