Sheena Leedham

 Reach Physical Milestones with Special Populations


Based on Sheena’s new book, I Can Jump Rope!, appropriately structure and progress your strength training program for your autistic clients to reach physical milestones. Relying on the same teaching methods outlined in The Power of a Note, let’s consider the WHOLE child with autism who wasn’t given the appropriate time or instruction to learn how to jump rope in gym class. Attainment of jumping rope (applicable to other milestones like riding a bike, climbing monkey bars, bench pressing, etc.) fosters peer acceptance, boosts self-confidence, and accumulates momentum to acquire new motor skills. I Can Jump Rope! replaces a child’s demoralizing “I can’t” with an accomplished “I can.”


Sheena Leedham MEd

Author of The Power of a Note and I Can Jump Rope!, Sheena Leedham earned her master’s degree in education at Edinboro University with a concentration in elementary education and recreation administration. Through the Ohio State University’s Nisonger Center, she coordinates Men’s Aspirations, a social support group event for teens and young adults with autism to experience the Greater Columbus Area. As a licensed teacher, Sheena serves as an education consultant for OSU’s Autism College Experience (ACE!) and Postsecondary Access to Transition after High School (PATH) programs, where she educates college students with autism on the importance of habitual fitness and proper nutrition. Sheena is also the Senior Content Manager at—educating and outfitting the strongest athletes around the world. She spoke at the elitefts SWIS Symposium and OCALICON in 2022.

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