Scott McNally

How to Build Your Brand with Podcasting - Equipment - Set Up - Strategy


Podcasting has become a powerful marketing tool. It is more popular and easier to do than ever but for every successful podcast, there are 1000s that fail. Join Podcasting Veteran, Scott McNally, as he shares strategies for building a successful podcast that will not only generate new leads within your field, but also create direct income through multiple streams of income. 


Scott McNally has been working in the fitness industry for the last 15 years. He is a trainer and coach to competitive bodybuilders including IFBB Pros. Scott is a pioneer in the podcast world, hosting and producing over 1000 fitness-related podcasts. Long before the podcast boom, Scott began developing long form audio and video content. In addition to creating a number of original podcasts, he has managed numerous bodybuilding media projects and educational outlets. His work has helped pave the way for countless creators in this new educational format. 


Currently, Scott is the creator behind Think BIG Bodybuilding Media, having brought together some of the best, brightest and most hardcore minds in the bodybuilding industry. Scott has a passion for promoting bodybuilding education, whether it is one on one with his clients or in countless podcasts for listeners around the globe.

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