Nick Lambe

Behavioral Sleep Strategies That Work


We know that sleep is one of the important pieces in the health, fitness and performance equation. Impacting every single physiological system and having an influence on every single goal. However, this talk isn’t going to belabor those
points or provide you with another “hygiene” list of general recommendations.
Instead we’re going to focus solely on practical behavioral strategies that have worked for thousands, that can be customized and that can implemented for yourself
and your clients immediately.


Nick Lambe is a long time coach and educator in the industry who specializes in helping fitness professionals and other practitioners implement health first principles to improve impact. Notably in this approach is a focus on sleep and recovery. Nick is a Clinical Sleep Health Educator and created the comprehensive Sleep & Recovery Coaching Certification. A course that is the first of its kind and provides a practical framework for improving clients' and recovery while maintaining scope of practice. Nick is also the founder of the New Healthcare Practitioner Project that empowers coaches to position themselves as valued members of the healthcare team

Partnership with Nick's work and course include: The US Marines, The US Olympic Committee, Google and numerous professional sports organizations. Nick has also hosted numerous industry educational events including the annual Recovery & Sleep Summit, Healthcare Collaboration Summit & the Raise the Bar Conference which have collectively reached over 15,000 attendees in 35+ countries. Other credentials include: CBT-Insomnia trained, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Health Coach & Medical Exercise Specialist.

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