Miroslaw Babiarz

 Bridging a gap - Between Eccentric and
Concentric - Isometric the Most Forgotten Muscle Contraction.



- history and origin of isometric training
- how isometric training can improve our ability to recruit motor
units during maximum contraction.
- how much time in a yearly macrocycle should be devoted to
isometric training.
- areas of adaption of isometric training (structural, metabolic,
- types of isometric contraction
- controlled (overcoming, yielding, functional, quasi etc.)
- involuntary
- who can benefit the most out of isometric training and why.
- isometric mid thigh pull and its value in measuring performance
(force at different time points, rate of force development, dynamic
strength index etc.)


My name is Miroslaw Babiarz and I was born in Poland. In my career as a
strength coach, I worked with many athletes from around the world at all
levels, including athletes from the UFC, Rugby Europe, UEFA and those
participating in the summer and winter Olympic games. Currently I am a
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Poland Weightlifting
National Team and Poland Rugby National men's team.
I am a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia where I obtained a
Master’s degree in Kinesiology. As of right now, I am pursuing my PhD
degree in the Department of Physiology at University of Physical
Education and Sport in Gdansk, Poland. My PhD thesis focuses on 3-
week block with undulating approach periodization model for increased
strength, muscle mass and cognition. I also obtained Bachelor’s degree
in Business Administration from Goldey Beacom College (Delaware, USA)
and Associate’s degree in Exercise Science from Mercer County College
(New Jersey – USA).
I am a co-founded Strength and Conditioning Education Center, which is
the most renowned sport performance organization in Poland. Recently, I
was responsible, for the physical preparation of Polish national football
player Arkadiusz Milik (currently in Juventus) and UFC Champion Joanna
Jędrzejczyk. I am also an author of 3 bestselling strength & conditioning
books in Poland.
I was a strength and conditioning coach at Temple University in
Philadelphia where I worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for
over 400 athletes from 16 sports and also spent time as a Director of
Strength and Conditioning at the University of Redlands in California,
where I was responsible for 21 sports.
I co-created SCEC Strength and Conditioning Academy, which is the only
educational course in Poland with accreditation from the National
Strength and Conditioning Association – NSCA.
My Credentials:
CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (by NSCA –
National Strength and Conditioning Association – USA),
Sport Performance Coach Level 1 (by USAW – United States
Weightlifting Federation),
PES – Performance Enhancement Specialist (by NASM – National
Academy of Sports Medicine – USAW)

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