Mike Tuchscherer

How to Measure and Use Bar Velocity For Programing



During this presentation, Mike will demonstrate for attendees how to collect velocity data from a variety of movements. Then we will discuss how to use velocity information to make various adjustments to strength training programs to include intensity, volume, and effort.


Mike Tuchscherer

  • RTS Founder
  • RTS Head Coach
  • Specialties Powerlifting
  • Autoregulating
  • Training Programs
  • Emerging Strategies
  • Training Metrics / Quantification


Mike began coaching in 2004 when he took over as the Cadet-in-Charge of the USAFA Powerlifting club. After he graduated in 2007, he wrote about what he had learned in his first book, “The Reactive Training Manual”. The book taught lifters how the concept of RPE could be adapted to lifting. It went on to shape Powerlifting and popularize the notion of autoregulated training. Mike was an early adopter of online coaching for Powerlifting and helped to develop that industry. He coached and handled lifters all over the world for the next several years. In 2016, he began developing his “Emerging Strategies” framework – a planning style that systematically determines what a lifter responds best to. Over the 15+ years Mike has been coaching, he has coached over 400 lifters. Sixteen of those lifters went on to earn a medal at the IPF Classic World Championships under his guidance. Fourteen lifters have earned World Records. As part of RTS Classroom, Mike has taught more than 500 athletes and coaches how to make better training decisions. Whether through innovative concepts or ground-level coaching, through free online systems or direct teaching, through his own lifting or the coaching of others, Mike has inspired countless other powerlifters to individualize their training so that it works best for them.

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