Mai-Linh Dovan

Solving the Low Back Pain Conundrum


Chronic or recurrent low back pain can be one of the most significant obstacles for lifters, causing a decline in motivation and impeding progress.  Preventing and managing low back pain involves a multifaceted and individualized approach. As such, understanding structural considerations, technical contributions, and other underlying issues related to low back pain in lifters is crucial to build effective interventions based on individual needs.

This presentation delves into the many aspects that can impact low back pain in lifters, how to spot them and how to fix them.   We will discuss the anatomical and biomechanical characteristics of the lifter and inherent contribution to lifting mechanics, as well as other potential underlying issues that can impact pain.


Mai-Linh Dovan, M.Sc., CAT(C)

About Mai-Linh

Mai-Linh Dovan is a Certified Athletic Therapist and leading industry expert in functional rehabilitation.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Therapy and a master’s degree in Exercise Science from Concordia University, where she worked in collaboration with the Department of Psychology and the Centre for Research in Human Development.  With over 20 years of experience in clinical rehabilitation and strength and conditioning, she has developed a comprehensive and unique functional training approach with integrated rehabilitation.  She currently teaches reconditioning in the Athletic Therapy master’s program at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. 

Mai-Linh is also the founder of Rehab-U | Movement and Performance Therapy, a company providing continuing education for trainers and therapists.  Rehab-U has established a growing community of more than 4000 professionals who share a common vision: to offer a rehabilitation experience of greater value by effectively programming it into a structured training approach.

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