Laura Phelps-Stackhouse

 Advanced Powerlifting Workshop and Accessory Exercises


Laura is one of the best female powerlifters of all time and also coached the best in the industry. Her keen eye and knowledge of what works in the gym and also on the platform is unprecendented. This is be a 100% workshop style presentation where attendees will be randomly selected and will have the chance to go on stage and be coached in one of the three lifts. Laura will also be demonstrating variouis accessory exercises she has used in the past when training at Westside under Louie Simmons. This will be a once in a lifetime chance to get coached by the best in the world.


Laura is a certified Westside Barbell Special Strengths Coach. She spent 10 years training and competing in Powerlifting under the tutelage of the late Louie Simmons. In her 10 year powerlifting career, Laura broke 45 All-Time World Records. She still currently holds 5 All-Time World Records:

  • 440 lb Bench Press in 148 lb. Weight Class
  • 775 lb Squat in 165 lb Weight Class
  • 1800 lb Total in 165 lb Weight Class
  • 540 lb Bench Press in 181 lb. Weight Class
  • 540 lb Bench Press in 198 lb. Weight Class

Since retiring from powerlifting in 2015, Laura has spent her time coaching numerous powerlifters, from Novice to All-Time World Record holders. Laura strives to honor her mentor, Louie Simmons’ legacy by continuing to educate others on properly implementing the Westside Barbell Conjugate Method.

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