Kassem Hanson

Exercise Selection For Hypertrophy


Kassem with be discussing his principles for selecting exercises for optimizing hypertrophy stimulus which include muscular specificity, Coordination and stability demand, Range of Motion and exercise Limiters.


Kassem Hanson BSc

Kassem is the creator N1 Education, an organization dedicated to increasing the quality of fitness education for both professionals and the general public by taking an N of 1 approach to all things training and nutrition.  His N1 approach is an individual first approach, where every rep, and every macro are built around the individual.  He has pioneered individualizing exercise based on a person's unique anatomy and biomechanics. He also has a unique N of 1 approach to nutrition, program design, and periodization that focuses on matching a specific training stimulus & supporting nutrition plan to an individual's recovery capabilities.  Kassem is known for putting complex scientific and clinical data into the context of real life coaching and personal training. 

Kassem has been teaching continued education for trainers and coaches since 2012.  He credits his success to being able to assimilate data from a diverse source of education: biochemistry, physiology, neurology & kinesiology.  Kassem is now one of the most sought out authorities on biomechanics and program design by the top trainers and researchers in the industry.  While Kassem prefers be promoted for the quality of his information rather than his client rolodex, he has worked on almost every stage from olympic athletes, to the Olympia Stage, from the classroom, to the engineering floor for some of the best fitness equipment. 

In a world where the industry's top experts are often indecisive, or in disagreement on what all the data we have means, Kassem focuses on the most important things you can assess, apply, and ultimately turn into real world results. 


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