Justin Harris

Pre-Competition Nutrition

Pre-Contest Nutrition
  • Pre-contest nutrition for bodybuilding/physique sports
  • Pre-competition nutrition for performance based sports, and how it differs from physique sports
  • How Calories and macronutrients are adjusted to maximize body composition changes within the boundary conditions of basal metabolic rate
  • Peaking for competition in bodybuilding/physique sports
  • Peaking for competition in performance sports
  • Making weight for competition - how to properly cut water to make weight and then recover that lost water without excess subcutaneous water that can negatively affect performance


Bachelors in Exercise Science, Alma College
Masters in Physics, with research in Experimental Atomic Physics
Thesis: Single Electron Capture by Atomic and Molecular Targets from Ionized Gases
My publications are found here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Justin-Harris-10/research

Competition History:
2004 Capitol City Classic, Heavyweight and Overall
2004 Mr. Michigan, Heavyweight and Overall
2006 Jr USAs, Super Heavyweight winner
2007 USAs, 7th place Super Heavyweight

2007 APF Michigan Championships, 275lb and best lifter, totaling elite
2008 APF Michigan Championships, 275lb and best lifter, totaling elite

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