JL Holdsworth

World Class Coaching Language


The session promises an immersive experience as Coach JL empowers you to inspire and connect with your clients like never before. In this highly engaging and interactive presentation, Coach JL unveils his secret blueprint for world-class coaching language.

There will be minimal lecturing as the true magic will be attendees coaching each other in real-time, with Coach JL’s expert guidance. You will be encouraged to challenge traditional norms and embrace a three-year-old's mentality of constant inquiry and optimization. During this process, Coach JL will elevate your coaching style and provide invaluable language shifts that will enhance your client’s experience, save you time, and increase your earning potential.


JL's technical expertise in lifts combined with his understanding of how to identify and correct strength deficiencies make Holdsworth one of the most respected strength coaches in the industry. He has written for Elitefts.com for over 10 years and his technique videos on variouslifts have been among the most popular series on Elitefts.com.

He started his strength coach career at Wayne State University, where he received his degree in Exercise Science. He then became a strength coach at the University of Kentucky.

He left Kentucky to train for professional powerlifting at Westside Barbell. There he held the highest bench press in the gym and the 4th highest total of all-time at the 275lb. weight class before suffering a herniated disc that took him out of competitive powerlifting. His
best competitive lifts are a 905 pound squat, 775 pound bench press, and 804 pound deadlift. He rehabbed his back, without surgery, and returned to competition this past year to win the WPC world Deadlift championship.

Holdsworth is the owner The Spot Athletics, in Columbus Ohio, where he works with athletes of all ages and sports disciplines. There he has helped develop State, National and World champions in many different sport disciplines. You can learn more about his facility at TheSpotAthletics.com.

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