Jimmy Kolb

Five Tips to Increase Your Bench


This rare coaching and demonstration workshop where attendees will get the chance to come onto the stage and be personally coached by the greatest bench presser of all time. Whether you are raw or use a bench shirt, you will learn all the fine tips to increase your bench press.


As an equipped bench specialist, with the heaviest bench in history at 1,401lbs in an unlimited and 1,120lbs in a single ply poly shirt I have been in love with the sport of powerlifting for over 18 years. I currently hold 6 active All Time World Records, including the heaviest single lift in powerlifting history with plans to achieve many more. I have met some of the greatest people in the sport and have had the privilege of learning from and lifting beside them. Now that I am out of the US Military, I am focusing my passions on helping others increase their bench press.

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