Jeremy Hartman

 Fix Your Bar Path for a Bigger Bench


 At the fundamental of strength is maximizing leverages to produce the most amount of force and lift the most amount of weight. Central to this in the bench is optimizing the bar path, or the trajectory & distance the barbell moves throughout the range of motion. Leveraging your bar path is key to optimizing mechanical efficiency and force production. In this lecture, I’ll share with you my 5 Tips to Help You Fix Your Bar Path for a Bigger Bench.


Jeremy Hartman is a licensed teacher, high school strength and conditioning coach, and powerlifting coach in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jeremy has coached at one of the best athletic schools in the state, along with the Indiana National Guard and their physical fitness instructors. As a competitive powerlifter, he has represented the United States in three different countries and is a multiple-time national champion and world championship medalist. He is the only coach in USA Powerlifting to have directly produced three world powerlifting team members and three bench-only world team members in the same calendar year. Jeremy's powerlifting athletes have set eight world records and more than forty U.S. American Records. He has won at least one state championship at all three of his high school programs, where he oversaw the strength training of various sports. Jeremy spoke at the 2022 Elitefts SWIS Symposium in Columbus, Ohio.

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