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• Brain Detoxification & Organic Cognitive Optimization.
• Nootropics, Smart Drugs & Psychedelics.
• As Nature Intended... the World's Greatest Nootropic.


Jason Dhir.
Born in Coventry, England, Jason moved to the United States to attend The Ohio State University Nutrition Program, and own a successful supplement retail establishment for 10 years. Jason then became a consultant to many top brands for the next decade as a multi-faceted expert in the field of supplements & nutrition. He also produced large scale events his consulting clients would sponsor, leading to his evolution and becoming an internationally famed top event & party producer, earning him the title "the world's most audacious visionary".
Jason focuses on real-life applications and also challenges the minds of many. His philosophy is one of learning through experimentation and understanding. He also believes God is The greatest scientist, along with mother nature being what we need to get back to. Jason currently resides in Dublin, Ohio and now owns and operates 2 COMPANIES - ULTRA HUMAN & BIG FARMER, companies that specializes in producing award winning nootropics, amino acids & organic tea, while spreading awareness about consciousness & cognitive enhancement.

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