Dr. Stu McGill

Lumbar Spine Injury Mechanisms and Training Tips to Mitigate Them


The pathways leading to debilitating pain in lifters are several. Training approaches not suited to a body type, injury history, or current resilience level may be problematic. Lifting technique and programming may be inappropriate. The good news is that these can be addressed with a thorough assessment of the athlete, their training goals and their program. Tips for the lifter will be offered based on success stories (and failures) over 40 years.


Stuart McGill, PhD, MSc, BPHE

Dr McGill is a Professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo. He is the author of 3 textbooks and over 300 scientific publications that address the issues of low back function, injury mechanisms, development of evidence-based rehabilitation and performance enhancement. 

As a consultant, Dr McGill has provided low back expertise to various government agencies, many corporations, elite athletes, teams and Olympic programs from many countries, and legal firms. He is one of the few scientists who is regularly asked for consult by the medical and sporting community regarding particularly difficult back cases.

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