Dr. Dwayne Jackson

Gut Health for Gains:

Optimizing Assimilation to Promote Anabolism


Dysbiosis (poor gut health) promotes anabolic resistance through several mechanisms including local and systemic inflammation, oxidative stress, and poor macro- and micronutrient absorption/assimilation.

In this lecture, Dr. Jackson will:

  1. Explain what “good and poor gut health” status means
  2. Define dysbiosis and symbiosis
  3. Describe the impact of poor gut health on inflammation, oxidative stress, digestion, nutrient assimilation, and anabolic resistance
  4. Discuss the gut-muscle-axis and its putative impact on the adaptation to training
  5. Consider the typical strength athlete’s diet in the context of gut health
  6. Provide actionable recommendations to promote gut health in the athletic context


Dwayne Jackson PhD

Dr. Dwayne Jackson is an athlete, health specialist, medical scientist, and entrepreneur. He has over 12 years of university education in exercise/human physiology, medicine, and nutritional biochemistry. He holds a PhD in Neurovascular Physiology and has been educated at some of the top academic institutions in North America including University of Ottawa, Western University, and Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Jackson enjoyed a 14-year academic scientific career as a Tenured Professor of Medicine at Western University (Canada) and recently took an early retirement to focus on health and fitness research, coaching, and education. His award-winning medical research, which is recognized internationally, has led to numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications and keynote presentations that have shaped our understanding of how chronic stress impacts performance, wellness, and progression of disease.

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