Brian Peters

Breathing Protocols for Sports


Air Flow Restrictions - The Workshop
How to implement Specific Breathing Mechanisms for Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention
This presentation is in a workshop format
All the participants will be asked to perform all the exercises
1-Improve Mobility through some breathing exercises combined with movements
2-Breathing techniques to maximize core muscle recruitment
3-Pre workout breathing activation for sympathetic system output and improving high intensity work capacity
( the infamous Intermittent Hypoxic Beep Test )

4- Breathing for recovery - Combining diaphragmatic breathing with exercises to maximize recovery



Brian Peters is a breath work based Performance Consultant and the Owner of the MindStrong Project, a former NFL player and captain for the Houston Texans. He has gone on to coach and develop breath work programming for NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA, UFC, BJJ, and Olympic Athletes, as well as active and veteran members of the US Special Forces, and business professionals.

His approach to performance involves the application of breath work to improve performance and recovery, mastering proper breathing mechanics, maximizing respiratory function, and the use of the breath as a tool to improve control of physiological and psychological states on and off the field.

Brian works primarily 1 on 1 coaching clients ranging from members of the US Special Forces to Pro-Bowl NFL Athletes, UFC Fighters, and CEOs. He has also coached/consulted for the Ohio State University Baseball and Soccer Teams, FieldCraft Survival, Deloitte, Sorinex Exercise Equipment, among others. Alongside Mindstrong methodologies, he is an Oxygen Advantage Master Coach and XPT Performance Breathing Certified.

Outside of coaching Brian hosts the Chasing Edges Podcast where he speaks to professional athletes, doctors, authors, mental skills specialists, and emphatic life livers who pursue the most out of their bodies, minds, and experience.


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