Ali Gilbert

Step by Step Process of How to Work with a TRT Doctor


Collaboration between coaches and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) doctors has become increasingly important. Ali will draw on her experience in men's health to provide practical guidance and strategies for navigating the often challenging conversations that arise when coaches and TRT doctors work together to optimize patient outcomes. Highlighting the potential areas of friction and misunderstanding that can occur, she will discuss common challenges faced by coaches, such as understanding TRT protocols, managing potential side effects, and aligning fitness goals with hormone optimization strategies.


A step by step process based on Ali’s experience will be laid out for you

  1. How to properly vette a TRT practitioners
  2. Red flags from clinics and/or providers
  3. How to implement this into your coaching program
  4. What basic skillsets does a coach need to possess to make this relationship work?


So if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering who in the world is this Ali Gilbert.

Ali, also known as Ali G, also known as The Queen of Men’s Health, has been in the health and fitness field for over 2 decades.  After achieving her degree in Exercise Science from Springfield College as well as NSCA CSCS, Ali began her training career with clients primarily looking to improve their golf performance.  During this period, Ali was twice named to Golf Digest’s Top 50 Golf Fitness Professionals.  Ali broadened her scope in helping her population along with movement and strength training to include nutrition, lifestyle management, and partnering with medical professionals to be even more precise with linking everything medical and fitness.


Today Her Silverback Coaching and Silverback Summit brands are recognized as a beacon of advocacy for men’s health and performance. She has been welcomed to participate in multiple courses and internships typically reserved for medical professionals and has spoken at the prestigious AMMG medical conference as a fitness professional. She has dedicated her life’s work to provide the most cutting edge information related to men’s health in the most direct and entertaining way.


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